Marble is the reigning queen of elegance

It is the ideal choice for vanity tops, bar tops, furniture tops and other areas where elegance and sophistication is the objective. Marble is acid sensitive, so be aware of this when choosing marble in areas that will be subjected to spills from drinks, etc.

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  • Emperador Dark
  • Brown
  • Details
    Stone NameEmperador Dark
    Stone TypeMarble
    Water Absorbtion
    Geologic Age
    Petrographic Type
  • Negro Marquina
  • Black with white specks and veins
  • Details
    Stone NameNegro Marquina
    Stone TypeMarble
    OriginSpain (Basque Country)
    ColorBlack with white specks and veins
    Water Absorbtion0.15-0.2%
    Geologic AgeCretaceous
    Petrographic Typemicritic limestone with fossils (rudists) and veinlets
  • Nero Portoro
  • Black with gold veins and spots
  • Details
    Stone NameNero Portoro
    Stone TypeMarble
    OriginItaly (Liguria)
    ColorBlack with gold veins and spots
    Water Absorbtion0.7-0.85%
    Geologic AgeTriassic - Jurassic
    Petrographic Typemicritic limestone with stylolites
  • Galala
  • Beige-cream with cream spots
  • Details
    Stone NameGalala
    Stone TypeMarble
    OriginEgypt (Suez)
    ColorBeige-cream with cream spots
    Water Absorbtion0.35-0.6%
    Geologic AgeCretaceous - Paleogene
    Petrographic Typemicritic limestone with fossils


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