Natural stone

There is nothing quite like natural stone

The right stone in the right environment and application can set the tone for every room.  Learn more about each of the stone types we offer...

Derived from the Greek word for “gleaming,” marble is one of the most timeless and stylish stones on earth. While marble can be used in nearly any indoor or outdoor capacity, it is not recommended for kitchens due to its sensitivity to acids.

Granite is one of the hardest materials on earth. Its beauty and elegance make it a prestigious, yet practical countertop choice. No two slabs of granite are the same, so your surface will be unique.

Limestone is not a marble, but marble is a limestone. Limestones are made up of calcite from shells, coral and other debris. These sedimentary rocks are formed by the breakdown of other rocks, shells, etc.

Onyx is translucent -- light transmits through it and is often backlit to take advantage of this unique property. Onyx is a strikingly dramatic stone that comes in pastel colors and swirling patterns.

Found in the earth’s crust, its unique look and qualities are derived from thermal springs of water which are forced up and through it by geologic pressures. Travertine requires sealing and occasional re-sealing.


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